“The benefits that I found on a personal level whilst doing my Mind Body Education training course was over whelming. I grew stronger with each module and this helped not only in my working life but my personal life truly benefited. Thank you to the teachers they were a great support”


“Firstly, my congratulations go to the clever and well thought out compilation of the entire course. It is extremely well planned and presented and has been a pleasure to have as a solid foundation. For each of the 11 lessons thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the notes I have found the course has brought together and cemented many things that I’ve heard before, and confirmed so much about what was until now, a glimpse of things to come. I have also learnt so many new things, but most importantly have gained new tools to help me both in the short term and the long term, and I firmly believe these tools will continue to help shape who I am for the rest of my life”


“The Mind Body Education course is a great course for foundations on meditation, yoga and general spiritual topics. The lectures are informative and give a very practical and step by step guide in starting your own business in several areas of interest”


“What I have gained from this course: I got my life back! When I started on this course, I wasn’t quite sure where it was going to take me. I wasn’t even sure that I had the motivation to complete it. My life was an absolute train wreck! It took me so long to complete it and I had huge breaks in-between lessons, I thought it was just a motivation thing. I realized that I took so long because I was living the course and some hurdles in my life just took longer to get over and some I had to redo a few times before it cleared the path to the next lesson. I am a believer in what this course can do and how it can change your life”


“I found the course personally confronting which in turn showed me a number of areas of my life to look at and own. The course also enabled me to improve my meditation practice and also to face my academic demons. All in all it has been a wonderful growing experience”


“The many psychological benefits I have experienced in the past 6 months have been astronomical, I have far more self-confidence and self-awareness and I am looking forward with keen interest to a very successful career in Holistic Human Development. I want to give my many thanks and appreciation to the ladies (teachers) for their never ending patience and commitment to us (students) and being in service is no easy task- I Know ! Love and Light, Bless you x”


“Just to keep you updated – I am soon starting at one of the public schools to do kids meditation weekly. I’m in for another term at the high school doing the teenage program. I am also soon to start at another Aged Care Centre AND I start basic meditation & kids meditation classes next Tuesday. So I’m pretty excited about that”


“I got all the docs you sent (practitioner kit)… thank you so much! Wow…. I love it. The certificates look great… and all the student handouts and study material and marketing brochures and flyers. Just fantastic. I am going to be using all of this. You rock! With love, blessings & metta”


“Mind Body Education Training has assisted me to pursue my lifelong dream to teach meditation. I love helping people find their inner peace”, this course is of the highest standards and I recommend it to all who wish to pursue this path”


“This course has so many benefits, not only does it prepare you well to become a teacher in meditation it is a life changing experience of self-discovery. This course was a light in my life, many months on and I’m using the skills I was taught to bring balance to my life and to others. I received great support from my teacher and all staff, thanks”


“I found the course to be very thorough and the tutors to be very helpful and easy to contact. This course gives you many options for your future both professionally and personal – Thank you”