This course involves around 10 to 15 hours of study per module.

Module One - Understanding Brain Body Medicine
• Introduction to the Postgraduate Certificate in Brain Body Medicine (Psychophysiology) Training Course
• The Role of the Brain Body Therapist (Psychophysiology Therapist)
• Introduction to Brain Body Medicine
• Placebo 􏰀 The Science Behind Brain Body Medicine
• Diagnosis and Seeking the Cause of Illness

Module Two – The Role of 􏰈Healer􏰉
• The Physiology of Belief
• Traumatic Beliefs
• The Power to Heal
• The Faith Factor and How to Provide it
• Providing Evidence for your Clients

Module Three - Diagnostics
• Guiding Clients to Self-diagnose and Healing
• Psychophysiology Diagnostic Tools
• How to Work with Damaging Belief Systems and Conditioning
• Medical Meditation

Module Four - Treatment
• Writing the Prescription
• Tools for the Psychophysiology Therapist
• Marketing Your Brain Body Therapy Practice &􏰀 Building Clientele
• Referring and Networking