This course involves around 10 to 15 hours of study per module.

Module One
• Introduction to Meditation for Women in Transition and Women’s Mid-life Health and Wellbeing
• Defining the Mature Woman (mid-life)
• The Mature Woman in Modern Society
• What Older Women Really Want
• The Role of the Therapist Working with Women in Mid-life

Module Two
• Health Issues for Mature Women Menopause
• Empty Nest Syndrome
• Marriage Breakdown
• Career Changes
• Sexuality and the Older Women

Module Three
• Positive Health Habits for the Mature Woman Role Models
• Self-Esteem and Defining Beauty
• Tools and Exercises
• Diet and Nutrition Herbs and Supplements

Module Four
• Working with women from diverse cultural backgrounds
• Working with Women Individually
• Working with Women in Groups
• Inner Goddess Workshops
• Running Women’s Retreats