This course involves around 10 to 15 hours of study per module.

Module One
• What is corporate stress management?
• What does a corporate stress management consultant do?
• What you will learn through the corporate stress management course
• Understanding your corporate stress management students and clients
• How to market your corporate stress management services and attract clients to your business

Module Two
• Conduct Corporate Stress Management consultations to assess your prospective clients’ needs
• Design Corporate Stress Management proposals and provide quotes
• Calculate fees and costs for your services
• Source and book suitable venues for workshops when onsite workshops are not an option

Module Three
• Design class plans for corporate stress management courses and workshops
• Materials and equipment for conducting corporate stress management courses and workshops
• Holistic counselling for corporate clients
• Teach stress management and meditation to executives and upper management
• Tools and procedures for corporate clients

Module Four
• Workplace health and safety
• Managing difficult and unwilling participants
• Assessing and reporting on productivity in the workplace
• Facilitating corporate retreats
• Providing ongoing programs
• Developing your professional reputation and public image
• Creating an online presence
• Developing confidence and professionalism